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About Zing

Zing' is more than just a word, an idea, a dream, a quest or a passion. Conceptualized by Umesh Soman, the term 'Zing' now represents a completely new philosophy, a new way of living.

Our core purpose is to re-introduce fun, happiness and passion in the lives of people we touch and create an increasingly productive life for everyone we interact with.

We are committed to creating value while celebrating potential and assisting people in learning to lead their lives passionately and fill every moment with fun.

Zing envisions a future where people work only in areas that they truly enjoy and yet are able to sustain the lifestyle they want.

The Zing team comprises of people who not only believe but actually live the Zing philosophy. These are people who have come together with a common goal of introducing Zing back into the lives of people and organisations, partnering them in leading far more fruitful and fulfilling lives.

The Zing team has collectively facilitated over 10000 successful workshops, training and counselling over 350000 people across levels & functions.

The Zing team uses the best of all worlds, using state of the art technologies and tools from the fields of Behavioural science, Experiential learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time based Techniques coupled with traditional psychology and peak performance techniques from the Accelerated Learning methodologies.