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'Zing' is more than just a word, an idea, a dream, a quest or a passion. Conceptualized by Umesh Soman, the term 'Zing' now represents a completely new philosophy, a new way of living. Our core purpose is to re-introduce fun, happiness and passion in the lives of people we touch and create an increasingly productive life for everyone we interact with. We are committed to creating value while celebrating potential and assisting people in learning to lead their lives passionately and fill every moment with fun. Zing envisions a future where people work only in areas that they truly enjoy and yet are able to sustain the lifestyle they want.

After getting trained in NLP, one Therapist found that she could actually facilitate the patients in solving their problems in less than 1/4th of the time taken earlier, and she could also handle a lot more patients without feeling any stress herself. - Nayana Sawant

A participant from a sales background, excellent in general, somehow was never the top performer. A few weeks after NLP training & using it in his job, he called up ecstatically to report that he is the topper in their region and the third topper in the entire country.- Vivek Menon

One participant was torn between leaving the HR job to become a trainer, and staying back for the great people and the work culture. There was no position there for a trainer. Applying NLP with self and back at work, she got great results. Her own organization decided to create a position of 'Trainer' for her! - Anju Pillai