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Recover your energy

Author: Olive Hickmott

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About the Book

Recover your energy and end fatigue by using energy enhanced NLP and the power of your mind.


Whether you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Glandular Fever or are just exhausted, discover your own energy in the most natural way possible. By understanding your own personal energy system and learning how to set it to wellness you need never again be lacking in energy.


Ever felt exhausted, no energy ever wondered why? It could be:

  • Your environment
  • Those negative people around you
  • Negative emotions within you
  • Internal conflict and indecision
  • another chronic illness that is leaving you feeling exhausted
  • you are a very sensitive person and affected by negative energies
  • you are empathetic and feel obliged to give your energy away
  • you feel all over the place, just not like you.


Journeying through this book will enable you to activate your own internal "team" to recover your energy. Recover your energy is written in a light-hearted way because story telling is the easiest way to teach the skills you need to improve your health. It is a light-hearted treatment of very profound emotional, physical and energetic manifestations. You will learn to clear anything that negatively affects your health, understand your own personal energy system and be able to set it up for health, wellness and vitality.


Recover your energy is intended to enhance any conventional medical practice or complementary medicine, not replace it. It empowers the individual to take action, using the resources they already possess, to positively affect their health and aid their recovery.